Innokin Pod Devices

Vapestreams are now stocking some of the best Innokin Pod Devices on the market!

Innokin has been active in the vaping industry as creators of some of the highest quality vape hardware around.

Innokin as a whole manages to hold some of the best designs in their collection in regards to both designs of their hardware and the technology that is in such a fine piece of kit. They’re trusted worldwide for a reason!

Their ease of use makes them a very attractive proposition for people just beginning their journey into making the switch from cigarettes.

Their design philosophy for their Innokin Pod Devices is a real testament to their commitment to providing customers with vape kits that have a focus on complete and simple to use devices right out of the box.

They’re focused on providing vapers of all experience hardware that has a long-lasting life and gives a consistent level of performance so you get the best results for as long as possible.

At present we stock:

Innokin Gala Pod
Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit

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