Replacement Vape Coils

If you’re after a new replacement vape coil then you’ve come to the right place by visiting Vapestreams

Coils, are the heart of your e-cigarette device and work with the battery section of your device as it sends a current through the coil that heats up the wire it’s made of, this then heats up the e-liquid on the wick/mesh inside your tank that turns into the vapor that you can inhale. Basically, it’s just a mini kettle – it’s the same principle.

We’ve got some of the biggest and best coils on the market from a SMOK over to Freemax there’s a huge range of resistances and materials you can use. If you’re after something particularly durable then have a look at Geekvape or maybe you’re after the classic reliables from Innokin or VooPoo. We’ve got a huge range just waiting to be discovered.

Coils can come in a range of forms and shapes. The materials also can vary depending on brand or design – these can include stainless steel, kanthal wire, ceramic, and titanium. Each of these can affect your vape experience with the flavour and the vapour produced.

All coils do specify their resistance in ohms. Standard coils range from 1.0 ohms to 3.0 ohms generally. Resistance below 1.0 ohms is known as sub-ohm coils.

Are you in need of a replacement coil head for your e-liquid tank? Here at Vapestreams we have the perfect coils selection for you. Replacement coils allow you to replace the coil head in your vape tank or clearomiser making it just like it was brand new.


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