DIY E-Liquid PG/VG

DIY E-Liquid PG/VG

If you’re looking to make your own DIY E-Liquid PG/VG for the first time, have a strong know-how on what you’re doing or even if you’re after your own unique flavour and aroma combination, Vapestreams have you covered no matter your need!

Its worth bearing in mind that most DIY E-Liquid will use both Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol (VG).

We have a nicotine calculator built into our pages to help with the measurements that you’ll need, and offer a range of syringes to help with the ratios for your Flavour concentrates and give you that signature aroma you’re after.

We do advise though that you take all the safety precautions possible when making your own juice at home.

The vast majority of the ingredients that are going to be within DIY E-Liquid PG/VG are harmless but the concentrated nicotine can be dangerous if you don’t wear gloves, safety glasses are also a good thing to wear to protect your eyes as well.

We also offer a range of pre-mixed components of PG and VG to further make it easier for you, as well as Nicotine Shots.

If this isn’t for you though we do have a huge range of pre-mixed liquids waiting for you.


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