HorizonTech Vape Tanks

HorizonTech Vape Tanks
At Vapestreams we are pleased to be able to say we stock HorizonTech Vape Tanks! HorizonTech specializes in creating some of the highest spec vaping hardware and accessories on the market.

The company has made a name for itself by having a huge and well-recognized collection of tanks that take the market by storm every time a new one comes out. The Falcon tank particularly revolutionized the sub-ohm tank world by giving the tank the capability to be as versatile and as personal as a rebuildable atomizer!

In short, these are not your average vape parts – the furthest thing from it actually, HorizonTech has worked very hard to put themselves right in the middle of the developments in the vaping industry as a whole. This ensures that they’re early adopters of any new tech and processes so their devices are always able to use the very latest and best bits of kit.

HorizonTech Falcon II
HorizonTech Falcon King


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